DOFF – Steam Based Stone Cleaning System

DOFF steam based stone cleaning system is unlike any other steam system and can achieve temperatures of up to 150°C at the nozzle end. It is essentially a super heated water system that has variable temperature and pressure allowing for the removal of many different types of paint and biological matter.

What can DOFF be used for?

The steam/superheated water will remove moss, algae, fungi and other biological matter and will also kill off spores. This means there’s then no need to use a chemical biocide during the removal process or as a protection against further biological activity.

How does it work?

DOFF cleans stonework and masonry using high temperature steam. Whilst the temperature in the system is high, the pressure on the surface being cleaned is very gentle and the volume of water is low. The surface is therefore not saturated and will be dry within minutes.

Doff is completely environmentally friendly, there is absolutely no use of chemicals or detergents and  the volume of water uses is at a bare minimum.  Doff can be safely used in high traffic areas. Masonry cleaning can be done in doors on stone, brick and concrete. Doff adheres to the highest Heritage standards for masonry cleaning.


“If you want a medical analogy for the DOFF, it’s like the difference between leeches and penicillin!”

Gary Stapleton, Chairman of the Victoria Cross Trust


DOFF can be used to safely remove all ingrained surface contaminates and stained or ground in deposits of airborne pollutants from:

  • Cleaning all stone surfaces including marble
  • Restoring masonry and brick cleaning
  • Remove light calcium staining
  • Remove some paints and most graffiti
  • Remove bitumen and wax coatings
  • Kill and remove moss, fungi and algae
  • Fire damage residues
  • Cleaning all metals including aluminium
  • Roof cleaning and bird fouling
  • Commercial cladding cleaning




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