Concrete and Balcony Rehabilitation

Concrete and Balcony Rehabilitation

When it comes to concrete and balcony rehabilitation and reconstruction, we know the best way to make the damage disappear and ensure that it will last for years.

For obvious reasons, concrete is a good choice for balconies. It is strong, durable and can last a very long time, however even concrete has its limitations.

Over the years regular use, lack of maintenance, improper design and exposure to the elements can cause damage and deterioration.

Concrete Balconies

There are two kinds of concrete balconies; continuous slab, which is simply an extension of a building’s concrete floor slab and steel frame, those that are constructed from steel frames that are mounted to the structure. Steel planks extend from the building’s frame and are then filled with concrete. Both types of balconies have railings  that are added after the initial construction and are either embedded into the concrete of the balcony or surface mounted.

With concrete balconies, the most common problems are cracking concrete and spalling, which is created by the oxidation of the reinforcing bar in the concrete. These problems can be caused by snow and ice or not utilizinng enough concrete to cover over the steel to protects it from corrosion.

 In addition to cracks, chips and other corrosive dangers, balconies also often  suffer from the effects of untreated railings. Installing aluminum railing posts directly into the concrete can lead to corrosion.

Membrane Surface

The membrane surface protects the balcony deck and underlying structure. As the membrane ages, it can develop cracks and tears. Replacing this membrane will protect the structure and provide a beautiful new slip-resistant surface.

Cracks in the concrete not only affects the appearance of your balcony but can lead to water seepage which can cause deterioration of the underlying rebar and may become a structural hazard if left to spread over time.

Always remember, acting quickly when problems occur can help minimize damage.


Need More Information?

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