Head Office

Everest Restoration Limited
100 Cherry Street
Toronto, Ontario M5A 3L1
Phone: (416) 465-3989
Fax: (416) 465-9589

We would like to answer any questions you might have about Everest Restoration.

Please contact us in a way that is convenient for you.


Everest Restoration, Mike Macklam
Mike Macklam
Co- Owner / Sales Consultant
Tel: 416.465.3989 Ext 202
Cell: 416.898.8766

Everest Restoration, Tad Magee
Tad Magee
Co- Owner / Sales Consultant
Tel: 416.465.3989 Ext 203
Cell: 416.892.4205

Everest Restoration, Gerry Devlin
Gerry Devlin
Production Manager
Tel: 416.465.3989 Ext 204
Cell: 416.999.4768

Everest Restoration, Gregory Dow
Gregory Dow
Office Manager – Everest Restoration LTD
Tel: 416.465.3989 Ext 201
Cell: 416.356.3196

Everest Restoration, Armelle Macklam
Armelle Macklam
Office Manager – Everest Contracting Group
Tel: 416.465.9865
Cell: 416.892.1848

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