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Everest Restoration

Everest Restoration, Quality Services

Quality Services

We are able to comfortably handle any restoration project which you may have.

Everest Restoration, Professional Experience

Professional Experience

Everest Restoration was founded in 1978 to meet the masonry restoration needs of its customers.

As a General Contractor and having worked with Everest Restorations for over 25 years , I can say with confidence that they are a reliable partner and deliver an excellent product . However that is just scratching the surface of their value. Their knowledge of exactly what to do in varying and sometimes very trying circumstances always amazes me and is something that is not frequently seen in todays market.

It can be summed up with the word ‘professionalism’.

Doug Pearse   

As an aside, I would to take this opportunity to convey to you how pleased I am the way this project went. Your team was efficient, professional and the finished product looks good. As you can appreciate, any work in the underground that involves juggling vehicles and limiting visitor parking can sometimes be a real headache, so the fact this work seemed to go seamlessly, is much appreciated. Sometimes, one can be quick to criticise yet forget to take the time to pass on positive feedback so please feel free to inform Gerry and his team accordingly!

J.S. Property Manager   

Dear Everest Restoration,

I want to write to express my appreciation for the job you recently completed at my home. I had already had some brickwork done on the south and west walls of my house, and I was not entirely satisfied. The result was workman-like, but not of a high quality. It was more a repair job than a true restoration, and so I looked for a new company.

I found what I wanted in Everest Restoration Ltd. Working with Mike Macklam and Gerry Devlin was a very agreeable experience. Both men were courteous and professional throughout, and did their best to make what is typically an unpleasant ‘renovation’ experience as pleasant as possible. Their crew were clearly hard-working, skilful and very respectful of the particular considerations required at my place.

The result was really what I had hoped for: an aesthetically pleasing work that restored the front of the house so that its visual and functional integrity have been renewed.

I am much obliged,

Robert McWhinney   

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